“African Rhythm and Movement” with Evans Coffie

Mr. Evans Coffie, the instructor for this year’s “Artist in the School” Program. Mr. Coffie taught the grade 1-8 students African Rhythm and Movement, mainly through the use of drumming.


From Monday, November 5 to Friday November 9, the students of IHMS were given a series of instructional lessons on the topic of African Rhythm and Movement. These lessons, which were part of this year’s “Artist in the School” Program, were taught by a very talented and energetic young African artist named Evans Coffie.


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Mr. Coffie entertaining the students in the gym with a traditional African beat


Mr. Coffie began his first lesson on Monday morning during an assembly in the gym. He introduced everyone to African Rhythm and Movement through a lively performance where he got the entire school to participate.


One of several occasions where Mr. Coffie got everyone in the gym, both students and teachers, to move rhythmically to a traditional African beat.


The students really enjoyed the rhythmic chanting and body movements of Mr. Coffie’s introductory lesson. So after that first session in the gym, everyone was eager to learn more. A schedule was created and over the next four days (from Monday to Thursday) each grade had the opportunity to participate in several more sessions with Mr. Coffie. The lessons took place at the Plast Building at 623 Flora Avenue, about a 2 minute walk from the school.


Two different photos of the Plast building, taken from two different angles, showing the proximity of the building to our school. Plast is a Ukrainian Scouting association.


Mr. Coffie taught each grade three separate African Rhythm and Movement lessons at the Plast Building. These lessons were fun, of course, but they also had another purpose – showing off each grade’s newly developed skills to the rest of the school. These skills were showcased in the form of a short presentation on Friday, November 9 from 2:00 – 3:00 pm. in the school gym.


“African Rhythm and Movement” Performance


Grade 1


Grade 2


Grade 3


Grade 4


Grade 5


Grade 6


Grade 7


Grade 8



At the end of the performance, Mrs. Tycholis presented Mr. Coffie with a small gift as a token of our appreciation