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  School Hours   Attendance
  Absent for Trip / Vacation    Punctuality / Late Slips
  Early Departure    Arrival and Departure Procedures
  Report Cards   Before / After School Care Programs
  Lunches   Uniforms
  Early Dismissal – Staff Meetings   Safety and Transportation
  Appointments With Staff Members   Inclement Weather Policy
  School Closure   Sacramental Preparation
  Divine Liturgy   Automobile Liability Insurance Limits
  Parent Drivers on Field Trips    Fund Raising 
  Volunteering   Parents’ Guild
  School Board   Registration / Tuition
  Bursaries   Awards
  Homework   Outdoor Education
  Change Of Contact Information   Telephone
  Clinical Support Services   Medications
  Emergency Response and Fire Safety Plan  


     Student Rules and Regulations

  Work Habits   Arrival and Dismissal
  Defacing School Property   Respect For Self and Others
  Respect For Authority   Serious Offences
  Lunchroom Rules    Uniforms
  Non-Uniform Attire   Field Trips
  Morning Prayer & Announcements   Homework
  Tests   Exams
  Textbooks   Library Books
  Off-Limits To Students   Hallway and Stairs
  Emergency Response Drills   Telephone
If you prefer to view the School Handbook as a pdf file,
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  School Hours   
  School Hours   
  School Hours   


The school opens at 7:15 A.M. and closes at 5:30 P.M. Teacher supervision is from 8:30 A.M. until 3:30 P.M. At 8:40 A.M., classes are called (earlier in inclement weather). Grade 7 and 8 students are dismissed at 3:05 P.M., and grades K-6 are dismissed at 3:15 P.M.

Students who arrive prior to 8:30 A.M. and are left after 3:30 P.M. will be taken to the Before and/or After School Program and parents will be billed for the service


  Recess:      K-6    10:15 – 10:30 A.M. & 2:15 – 2:30 P.M.
     7-8    10:30 – 10:45 A.M.
  Lunch:   K-6    11:55 A.M. – 12:40 P.M.
    7-8    11:30 A.M. – 12:15 P.M


Students playing on interscholastic sports teams must have a ride arranged for 5:00 P.M. after all practices and games (home and away).



Schools are responsible for teaching children, but schools cannot do their job if the child is absent. Regular attendance is essential for a successful year. Illness of students, quarantines, or serious illness/death in the family constitutes reason for justifiable absence. Students absent for more than 20 days may be subject to retention. Make up work is the child’s responsibility.

When students are absent, parents are asked to notify the office by 9:00 A.M., otherwise, the office personnel will be phoning the respective home, checking whether the child is indeed at home or in need of help somewhere between home and school. Notes or phone calls are required to explain ALL ABSENCES, including any Religious Holidays. The note should give the dates of absences and should be written by the parents.

In the case of an ill student, consideration of the ill student’s health, as well as, the health of other students and school personnel must be kept in mind. Therefore, the ill student should be kept at home. When the student comes back to school they should be able to handle all activities including outdoor recess.


  Absent for Trip / Vacation   
  Absent for Trip / Vacation   
  Absent for Trip / Vacation   

Absences due to family vacations during school time are not recommended. Parents are required to consult with their child’s teacher before any long-term vacation plans are finalized during the school year. A parent/guardian is responsible for completing and signing the “ABSENCE REQUEST FORM FOR FAMILY TRIP/VACATION” at least two weeks prior to the student departing for a trip/vacation. The form must be completed for an extended absence of more than three school days for trips/vacations. One extended vacation will be permitted in a school year. Forms are available online or from the school office.


  Punctuality / Late Slips  
 Arrival after 8:45 A.M., regardless of the reason, is considered tardy. A student arriving late for school must report to the office and obtain an “Admit Slip” from the office. Chronic lateness will not be tolerated.

Please try to schedule all doctor and dentist appointments during in service days (refer to the school’s Annual Calendar).


  Early Departure  

A parental note is required when a student must leave school earlier than the scheduled dismissal time. An authorized adult must meet the child at the classroom door. Under no circumstances will a child be permitted to leave alone, even if he/she lives within walking distance. Aside from an excused dismissal, no child may leave the school grounds during the day for any reason.

Please try to schedule all doctor and dentist appointments during in service days (refer to the school’s Annual Calendar of Events).


  Arrival and Departure Procedures  

At pickup and drop off times, parents are asked not to loiter in the hallway or to accompany their child into the classroom. This will minimize classroom disruptions and help to build your child’s independence. Parents are welcome to wait in the front foyer or back landing.


  Report Cards  

Report cards are issued three times per year. If you are unable to pick up your report card on the last day of school, a self-addressed, business-sized stamped envelope must be provided so that it may be mailed out. Parents are asked to accept the school’s decision regarding grade placement.


  Before / After School Care Programs  

Students who arrive prior to 8:30 A.M. and are left after 3:30 P.M. must go to the Before and/or After School Care Program(s). Families are billed for this service.

For current Before / After School Care rates, please visit:
Before and After School Fees

Families that pick up their children after 5:30 P.M. will be charged an incrementing late fee of $5.00 for every 10 minutes late. Example: pickup between 5:31 – 5:40 P.M. = $5.00, 5:41 – 5:50 P.M. = $10.00, etc.



All grades 1-8 eat lunch in the gym. Kindergarten students eat in the classroom. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide nutritious lunches and snacks (no pop, gum, or seeds please). The microwave is not for student use.



IHM School uniforms reduce an over emphasis on fashion fads and ensure the simple attractiveness of the student body. Students are to arrive at school properly attired (non uniform days will be noted on the monthly calendar). All pieces of the uniform must be labeled. The school uniform is available through the IHMS Uniform Shop, 135 McGregor Street (phone 586-2038). See the Annual Calendar of Events for IHMS Uniform Shop open dates.

Girls Uniform
  • Navy IHM School cardigan
  • White golf shirt2- long or short sleeve (tucked in)
  • Navy skort / shorts / pants
  • Navy vest
  • Navy (only) knee high socks2 or leotards
  • Black or Navy Belt
  • Black indoor footwear2 (heels must not exceed 1 inch or 2.5 centimeters in height).This is s required uniform item (non optional)
Boys Uniform
  • Navy IHM School cardigan
  • White golf shirt2- long or short sleeve (tucked in)
  • Navy pants or shorts
  • Navy vest
  • Navy socks
  • Black or Navy Belt
  • Black indoor footwear2 (heels must not exceed 1 inch or 2.5 centimeters in height).


The Principal will determine appropriateness of dress code.


  Early Dismissal – Staff Meetings  
  Early Dismissal – Staff Meetings  
  Early Dismissal – Staff Meetings  


On the second Thursday of each month dismissal is at 2:00 p.m. After school supervision is not provided, and all children should be picked up promptly.


  Safety and Transportation  

Transportation to and from school is the responsibility of the parents. To ensure children’s safety, parents are to drop off and pick up the children at the back door only. Enter the back lane from Flora Avenue and exit onto McKenzie Street. Traffic should travel in a clockwise rotation. To ensure our neighbours have access to their properties, and as well, to provide space for emergency vehicles to drive down the back lane, all IHMS drivers should drive on the north side of the lane. There is NO STOPPING on the south side back lane behind the school. This is in effect for the entire length of the back lane from McKenzie Street to the corner of where it turns toward Flora Avenue. The back lane behind the school is a ’STOP / DROP / and GO’ zone. Near the pedestrian gate behind the school, drivers STOP briefly … DROP off / pick up their children… And then GO. There are NO STOPPING 10 feet either side of the back pedestrian gate.

There is no parking allowed in any back lanes in the city of Winnipeg. Do not leave your vehicle unattended. If you park your vehicle in the staff parking lot, it should not obstruct other vehicles.

For the safety of the students, parents are required to indicate their child’s usual way of going home from school (ex. bus, car pool, walking). On those days when a child is to go home in a way other than the usual, a written note from the parent informing the homeroom teacher of the change should be presented the day of the change and for each such change.


  Appointments With Staff Members  

Parents who wish to make an appointment to see a teacher or the principal, must call the school to arrange for a convenient time. Parents are asked to express concerns regarding their child to the teacher before going to the principal. ‘IHMS Protocol’ is available through the principal.


  Inclement Weather Policy  

Students should wear appropriate clothes for the weather conditions. On days when the weather is deemed inappropriate for the students to be outside (e.g. high wind-chill, raining), there will be a sign at the back entrance indicating a “Poor Weather Day”. Students arriving in the morning are to remove their outdoor footwear and go directly to the gymnasium. On these days there will be indoor recess. At dismissal time parents will need to pick their child up from their homeroom classroom. In winter when the wind-chill factor is -27 or below, students stay inside.


  School Closure  

IHM School generally follows the metro Winnipeg schools in closing for inclement weather. Please check the IHMS website at for immediate updates on closures.


  Sacramental Preparation  

Primary responsibility for the Sacraments rests with the family and the parish of membership. IHM School supports and supplements this effort with a daily religion program, monthly Divine Liturgy, prayer services, Reconciliation, etc.


  Divine Liturgy  

The school Chaplain is a Basilian Father from St. Nicholas Parish. Divine Liturgy is celebrated once a month (indicated on monthly calendar) at Sts. Vladimir and Olga Cathedral. The students have an opportunity to go to confession the day before the Divine Liturgy.


  Automobile Liability Insurance Limits  

This applies to those parents and teachers who may utilize their own personal vehicles on behalf of the School. This would include driving to or from a school related or sponsored activity including games, outings and any related school activities. Upon the advice of our General Insurance Broker, we would suggest that you please review the Third Party Limit provided with your Autopac Insurance. The basic Third Party Limit in Manitoba is $200,000.00, however, we would encourage that higher limits be considered for your own personal protection. Please check your Insurance Registration card as you may already carry an increased Third Party Limit. Higher limits are available at a very minimal charge and can be obtained by contacting your own local Agent or Broker. If you have any questions or items of concern please contact the office.

  Parent Drivers on Field Trips  

Parent drivers must have a valid drivers license and a registered vehicle. They should only accommodate as many children as they have seat belts, and must ensure that the seat belts are used at all times during transportation. Parents are to travel directly to the field trip and back, without making any undesignated stops. For health reasons, parents are asked not to smoke while transporting students.

  Fund Raising  

The School relies heavily on fundraising projects from which the proceeds are earmarked for specific purposes. Listed below are the main fundraisers sanctioned by the School:

  September – November:   IHMS Fund Raising Raffle Tickets … for educational needs
  December:  Raffle Tickets … Parents’ Guild project
  February:  Raffle Ticket Draw (date to be determined)… Parents’ Guild project
  February & March:   Fund Raising Dinner … for educational needs
  March:   Parents’ Guild Spring Fund Raiser
  September – June:   Pizza Days … for Graduation
  Hot Dog / Perogy Days … for bus transportation on field trips
   Christmas / Easter:   Koubassa orders
Occasionally, specific classes will hold a fundraiser to assist in special activities (e.g. camp, graduation, etc.).

Families attending Immaculate Heart of Mary School are encouraged to volunteer for two reasons:

  1. Build community within the school
  2. Raise funds for the school

Each family is required to contribute ten (10) volunteer hours during the school year, of which a minimum amount of hours (to be determined), will be allocated towards major fundraising activities. All volunteer hours will be recognized and may be contributed by either parent/guardian or other family members (18 years and older). As part of the school registration process, every family must provide one postdated cheque in the amount of $400.00 (dated June 15, 2021).  The postdated cheque is due in the School Office by September 15.  Families may chose at the beginning of the school year to opt out of volunteering by paying $400.  In this case, a payment of $400 must be made before September 15.  Families opting out of the volunteering are still expected to sell/purchase tickets for fundraising.  More detailed information regarding the Volunteer Recognition Program will be distributed in September.

  Parents’ Guild  

All parents become members of the Guild by virtue of their child/children being enrolled at the School. This group serves to enrich the volunteer needs of the School. Monthly meetings are indicated on monthly newsletters, as well as, on the Annual Calendar of Events.

  School Board  

The School is owned and directed by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate. The Provincial Superior and her council form a Board of Directors for Immaculate Heart of Mary School and appoint the members of the Board of Trustees. The School is incorporated. When a group or individual wishes to address the Board of Trustees on any matter, it should notify the Board in writing prior to the Board meeting. The correspondence should include a statement of the nature of their business. If the purpose is to make a complaint against a staff member the proper protocol must be followed. IHMS Protocol is available through the principal.

  Registration / Tuition  

Registration is $100.00 per child (non refundable / non transferable). For current tuition fees, please visit:  IHMS Registration and Tuition

All tuition cheques are due in the school office by October 1 of the school year. The cheques should be post dated to the first of each month (September – June), and made payable to Immaculate Heart of Mary School. An electronic banking terminal is also available at the front office for debit card and credit card transactions.  Electronic fund transfers are also available.


IHMS realizes that there are families who wish to provide a quality Catholic education for their children, but are unable to afford the costs involved.

An IHMS Bursary Fund has been established and is available to anyone who requires financial assistance.  An Application for Bursary Assistance Form can be downloaded from here or obtained from the school office.  All application information is kept confidential.

Bursaries are awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need, the number of students requesting a bursary, and the amount of bursary money available.

The deadline for bursary applications is October 31.  Applicants will be advised whether or not they have been awarded a bursary in early December.


Every child has a special gift that deserves recognition. Numerous awards will be presented, during school assemblies throughout the year, for a variety of activities covering all academic, social and moral development areas. In June, a formal awards day for grades 5-8 will be held at which scholarships and bursaries are awarded to students achieving personal excellence.


Parents should not do their child’s homework. Supervision of time and a check on the general appearance of written work should ordinarily be sufficient.

  Outdoor Education  

As part of our school’s outdoor education curriculum, certain grades will attend a camp for a few days. This experience ties into the classroom learning and is not optional.

  Change Of Contact Information  

When changing your address, phone number and/or email address, it is very important that you notify the school immediately. This information is vital in case of an emergency.


If you must get in touch with your child, please phone the office and leave a message. It will be passed on to them.

  Clinical Support Services  

Student Support Services is an educational support service agency, which provides specialized help for school children in collaboration with school personnel teams. The support operates within a school setting so that any student attending our school has access to their services free of charge. Services may include:

  • Reading Clinicians
  • Psychiatrists
  • Speech/Language Pathologists
  • Community Workers
  • Psychologists
  • Audiologists
  • Social Workers

Should the teacher deem these services necessary, we ask that parents be open and supportive to suggestions and recommendations.


Any prescribed medication to be administered during school hours shall only be permitted upon receipt of a written request and permission for administration from the student’s parent/guardian.
All medications must be in the original pharmacy labeled container, which clearly identifies the:

  • Name of student
  • Frequency of administration
  • Name of prescribing physician – Name of pharmacy
  • Name of medication
  • Date prescription was filled
  • Dose

Further information regarding the administration of medication is available online or in the school office.

  Emergency Response and Fire Safety Plan  

An Emergency Response Plan and Fire Safety Plan is reviewed regularly with the staff and rehearsed several times during the school year with the students. In the event of an evacuation, and the building was deemed unsafe to return to, all school personnel would gather at the St. Josaphat Selo-Villa (114 McGregor Street) and parents would be notified.





  Work Habits  

Students must have all necessary grade specific school supplies available at all times. They must be focused to learn in all classes, and make the most of their time in school. Students should take pride in their work, and do the best they can.

  Arrival and Dismissal  

Upon arrival, students proceed onto the schoolyard. Each class will form a line in order to proceed to the classroom in a quiet and orderly fashion. In situations, where the weather is inclement, a sign will be posted at the back entrance and students then proceed directly to their classroom. At dismissal all students proceed directly outside, without loitering in the entranceways.

  Defacing School Property  

Deliberate defacement or destruction of the school’s or another person’s property is a serious offence. Students found to lack such respect for the school will be required to repair or replace the damaged property.

  Respect For Self and Others  

First and foremost each individual must respect himself or herself for the person they are. Further, respect for others’ feelings, safety and property is paramount. The following actions will not be tolerated: swearing and/or abusive language toward a member of our community, intimidating gestures, fighting, play fighting, any action that threatens the safety of another person, stealing or damaging another person’s property.

  Respect For Authority  

Students should recognize and accept the levels of authority within the school.

  Serious Offences  

Possession of weapons and/or drugs is prohibited as is soliciting of goods, gambling, vandalism, physical assault and gang involvement. (See Code of Conduct).

  Lunchroom Rules  

Lunchroom times:

Grades 7 – 8: 11:30 – 11:50
Grades K – 6: 11:55 – 12:20

Lunchroom rules:

  • Walk in quietly
  • Get milk or juice from canteen
  • Sit down with feet under table
  • Keep your lunch in your own space
  • No sharing (allergy precaution) or taking other people’s food. – Do not speak with food in your mouth
  • Speak with an “inside” voice
  • Clean area on and under the table when done
  • Raise hand to get permission to leave (no earlier than 12:10) – Walk back to classroom
  • Put lunch kit away and get ready to go outside.

Note: A microwave is available to Grade 7 and 8 students.


It is the student’s responsibility to be in a complete uniform during school hours and to take pride in their uniforms. Students are not allowed to change out of their uniform during the time they are at school except for Physical Education classes. Uniforms are to be the proper size, worn appropriately and to be neat and clean at all times. Black, indoor footwear is required, separate from outdoor footwear. Shirts are to be tucked in.

Jewelry Girls may wear studs or earrings on earlobes only. Studs or earrings for boys are not acceptable. A small religious necklace, a simple ring and a watch may be worn.
 Hair  Hairstyles must be reasonable. No extreme styles or colours will be allowed. Hair must be kept clean and tidy with bangs pinned back away from the eyes. Boy’s hair must not be longer than collar length. Hair accessories must be modest and blend with the school uniform.
 Make-up  Clear nail polish and lip gloss only.


  Non-Uniform Attire

On non-uniform days, students must still adhere to appropriate dress. No disrespectful slogans on neither clothing nor disrespectful hairstyles are allowed. School administration will ultimately decide what is deemed as disrespectful so as to circumvent the need to list every possible eventuality. Wearing one’s baseball cap backwards or sporting a Mohawk hairstyle is prohibited because of the possible gang affiliations associated with such fashions. Wearing a hat inside the building is prohibited because it is deemed to be disrespectful.

  Field Trips  

Students are expected to continue to follow school rules during field trips. They are also expected to follow any additional rules laid out by the site to be visited.

  Morning Prayer & Announcements  

Students are to be standing at their desks, quiet and attentive, as soon as the opening hymn for morning exercises begins. If they are somewhere else in the room at the time of the opening hymn, they are to immediately stop what they are doing and quietly proceed directly to their desks. Students should stand respectively and reverently during prayer and opening exercises.


All assignments handed in are to be completed neatly by the student and demonstrate a high level of effort. The assignment must be submitted on time according to the deadline set by the teacher. Any assignments not completed during school hours are expected to be finished at home. For grades 3-8, all homework and upcoming tests are to be recorded in the Student Agenda Book.

The Student Agenda Book:

  • Must be brought to school on a daily basis.
  • Must be kept up to date.
  • Must be replaced within 24 hours if ever lost (available through the school office).

Homework is deemed incomplete if:

  • The student has only partially completed it.
  • b)  The student left the work at home.
  • c)  The assignments are done by a parent.

The only exceptions are serious illness or a family emergency in which case it must be accompanied by a parental note. The teacher will record an incident of incomplete homework and the student may not be entitled to the privileges enjoyed by the rest of the class (ex. field trips, school spirit activities, etc.).


Students must have all necessary supplies (e.g. erasers, rulers, pens, pencils, etc.) available before beginning a test. Talking or communicating with another student during a testing situation is strictly prohibited, and will result in an automatic loss of marks. Students who miss a regularly scheduled test must be prepared to write the test on their first day back at school.



The experience of preparing for an exam, and writing an exam, are important skills in the students’ overall development. The experience of writing an exam will benefit students as they continue on into high school, and their post secondary education. Students are encouraged to apply the study skills strategies taught during the school year.
June examinations are valued at a percentage of the Term 3 mark. Marks are calculated for each term independently. Each Grade 7 student will write 2 exams. Each Grade 8 student will write 2 exams. An exam schedule will be distributed at the beginning of June. The uniform dress code is in effect until the end of June. Uniforms must be worn during the time of exams.


Students are issued textbooks at the beginning of September and are expected to take good care of them. If a textbook is required to be taken home for homework, the student must return with it the following day. If a textbook is misused, defaced, or lost, the student is required to replace it at a replacement value set by the school. To ensure that students take care of their books, they should have a book bag.

  Library Books  

Resources signed out of the library are the responsibility of the borrower. They are to be returned on time and in good condition. Students will be expected to pay replacement cost for lost or destroyed books.

  Off-Limits To Students  

Students must enter and exit through the back entrance (except for Grades 1-3 at the end of recess breaks). The supply rooms, gymnasium, art room, resource room, library, computer lab, and waiting room under steps are off limits to students unless there is supervision present or permission has been given. Only the grade 7-8 students for lunch and Phys. Ed. classes use the front stairs. During the school day (from the time the students arrive at school until the time they are departing from school) they must remain on the school property unless otherwise given permission by school personnel.

  Hallway and Stairs  

Under no circumstances should a student run in the classroom or corridor. For grade 7 and 8 students, loitering in the hallway, in the back landing, or outside near the classroom windows during the morning break, lunch break or 3:05 dismissal is not permitted since the K – 6 classes are still in progress. By 11:50 A.M., and at 3:05 P.M. all grade 7 and 8 students should exit the building (unless permission has been granted to be elsewhere).

  Emergency Response Drills  

In the event of an evacuation or lock down drill, students will follow exactly the plan posted in each classroom. The drills are to be carried out in complete silence. Drills are carried out several times during the year.


Students make calls only when absolutely necessary.


Students are not permitted to have in their possession during the school day any electronic devices. Electronic devices may include, but not limited to: cell phones, smart phones, tablets, mp3 players, digital cameras, electronic gaming toys, etc. These electronic devices are expensive and can be a distraction during the school day. These devices are better left at home.

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