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IHMS celebrates ???I Love To Read Month??? every year in February. During this time, students are involved in activities that promote and celebrate reading in their daily lives. In addition to their own classroom activities, the students also participated in several school wide reading activities.

The theme for this year’s ???I Love to Read Month??? was: I Love To Read and Learn: Reading Non-Fiction. 

Some of the school wide reading activities included:

1) Buddy Reading: Younger students paired up with an older ???buddy???. The two students took turns reading to each other from the younger student???s non-fiction book. 

2) Sharing Boards: Each class read and analyzed a variety of non-fiction materials throughout the month. They then prepared ???Sharing Boards??? to share with a reading buddy.

3) Fascinating Facts: Students from different grades shared various interesting facts during morning announcements. 


4)   1000 Facts: During the week of February 27 to March 2, the students wrote down 1000 facts that were displayed in the hallway.








Mr. Taz Stuart, entomologist for the City of Winnipeg

5)   Guest Reader: On Wednesday, March 7, city entomologist Taz Stuart was a guest reader for the K-8 students.

Also, during the week, the 20th Annual Used Book Store was organized by Mrs. Walkow. To participate, students brought in books from home that they had outgrown or didn???t want anymore. This year, only non-fiction books suitable for children were accepted. Students received a coupon for each book they brought in, and as usual, all books at the Used Book Store cost one coupon.

The Used Book Store opened for business on Thursday, March 1, and each classroom from Sadochok to grade 8 had a time slot when they could visit. This was a great way for children to share old favourites with other students and to come home with books which may soon become new favourites.

???I Love to Read Month??? was an interesting time for the students as well as lot of fun! Thank you to the teachers who organized it.

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