Grade 2 Students Email "Rodeo Pup"

Rodeo Pup is a character in the Grade 2 reader. On January 10, 2003, the grade 2 class sent the following email to the creator of Rodeo Pup:

Dear Rodeo Pup,

Our grade 2 class read your story this week at school. We enjoyed your story because it was hilarious, interesting, and you did tricks.

Could you come and visit our school one day?
How do you floss your teeth?
How can you write on a computer?
How do you learn to read e-mail letters?
Were you really in the newspaper?
What do you like to play?
We hope to hear from you soon!
From the grade 2 students
Immaculate Heart of Mary School
650 Flora Ave.Winnipg., Manitoba

Rodeo Pup responded with the following email:

Dear Grade 2's,
Thank for writing. I'm glad you enjoyed my book.
I am an English Bull Terrier. We EBT's are very friendly dogs. I live in
Toronto with Lisa and her family. They treat me like a king! My birthday is
on April 23. I am 7 years old. My favorite color is blue and my favorite
number is 4. My favorite TV show is any picture where they make food!
I only got into trouble that one time at school like it says in my book. I
am actually too lazy to get into any other real trouble.
My favorite game is called "chase the towel", especially if that towel came
from the kitchen. You run around the house with the towel, see, and then you
lose it. The next day you play my other favorite game. It's called "find the
Gotta go get my beauty sleep. I've been up all day!
Your pal,

Rodeo Pup