Grade 1: Taking Care of the Earth
Students applied a Band-Aid
to help heal a sick Earth

The grade 1's are very concerned about environmental issues and the future of our planet. To help them better understand this concept, Miss Trach asked them to write a few sentences on how they plan to take care of the Earth. Each student then drew a picture (using the computer) illustrating this concept.

To see their work, please click on a name below:


Alexandra A.
Orian B.
Larissa C.
Olena C.
Roman D.
Brennan F.
Lundyn G.
Sydney H.
Roman H.
Rianne K.
Orycia K.
Wyatt K.
Dayna K.
Nicholas L.
Sydney L.
Sarah M.
Chelsea O.
Talia P.
Joseph R.
Nina S.
Zenya S.
Anastasia S.
Mykolaj T.
David V.
Sergiy V.