I.H.M.S. Family Zabava
By: Morgan Shipley

On Friday November 29th, Immaculate Heart of Mary School held a Zabava for students and their families. The first annual Zabava was held at St. Joseph's parish hall. This event was exceptionally popular; the tickets were sold out on the first day of sale!

The organizers treated us to wonderful music, food, and warm fellowship. Students, young and old, were up and dancing from the first song to the last. Parents joined their lively children on the dance floor later in the evening. The music ranged from popular new hits like Eminem's, to old time polkas. The music man was available for any suitable requests, and gave those great dancers many prizes throughout the night. This was something everyone competed for, including those festive parents.

At 9:30 p.m., a delicious snack was served for all to enjoy. This food included many fresh selections such as cold cuts, cheeses, assorted vegetables, and donuts. Dancers took a much-needed break to refresh themselves for more dancing in the future.

The highlight of the evening at any Ukrainian celebration is always the Kolomyka. This was where "Ukrainian dancers" displayed their talents for all to enjoy. The little ones also joined in this traditional dance, and showed us how much Ukrainian dance class pays off. Parents enjoyed watching their children have fun with their own school community. Every family enjoyed spending time with other families, and sharing thoughts of the Christmas season.

The hall was festively decorated with handmade decorations lovingly made by junior high students. Many prizes were awarded throughout the evening, randomly drawn by ticket numbers.

A lot of sleepy children were carried out by their parents at the end of the evening. But indeed I have to conclude, that this family gathering was a wonderful way for many families to get together, and express what we all need once and a while; warm, kind fellowship. The Zabava was an excellent way for all members of the I.H.M.S. community to gather to celebrate the coming of the Christmas season.