Walk for Mary
By: Heather Stephen

On Friday May 23, the students and staff of I.H.M.S. gathered in the gym immediately after opening exercises. We gathered in preparation of an important event - the school's annual "Walk for Mary". After Mr. Picklyk said a few words, two students from the grade 8 class (Brittany Lasko and Kamal Gill) read various petitions. After each petition, everyone repeated, "Oh Mary, Mother of God, pray for us." Mr. Picklyk then selected a student from each grade to lead their class with a statue or icon of the Blessed Mother. These students then stood at the front of their class line, ready to lead their class during the walk.

Students were required to bring a rosary to keep track of their prayers. Those who didn't have a rosary were asked to use their fingers. Each class, one by one, left the gym and started reciting the rosary while walking around the school and down the back lane. This route was repeated, for a total of two laps around the school. Finally, we all gathered back in the gym for a closing prayer and a hymn called "Immaculate Mary".