"Heartfelt Thanks" - Volunteer Appreciation Day
By: Heather Stephen

Volunteers are an important part of our school community. They organize and run the annual school tea, the fund raising dinner, and even hot lunch days. April 11, 2003 was Volunteer Appreciation Day at I.H.M.S., a time when we honoured the people that gave their time and effort into making our school a better and safer environment.

The volunteer appreciation program began at 2:30 in the school gym. With parent volunteers already assembled, Mr. Picklyk started things off with a warm welcome and a prayer. Then the grade one students sang a song called "Chatter With the Angels" followed by the grade 5 class singing "Teach Me". Ariadna Dlugosh, the student council president, then gave a speech on behalf of all the students to tell the volunteers how much they mean to I.H.M.S. Following this, the grade 3 class sang two songs, "Love Grows Under the Wild Oak Tree" & "Tony Chestnut", the grade 2 class sang a song called "Mr. Monday", and the grade 4 class sang "Possum Shrimp". Then, Mrs. Lukie, on behalf of the staff, gave a speech thanking the volunteers for the time and effort they take out of their day to help out at the school. The kindergartens then sang the program's cutest song named "There's a Little Wheel Turning in My Heart". Finally, the grade 6 class played "My Heart Will Go On" (the song from the movie "The Titanic") on their recorders . Everyone finished with a "Mnohiya Lita".

It was a wonderful program with a great job done by all! To further show our appreciation, two selected students from each grade handed out a gift to each of the volunteers in attendance. The gifts were a little heart shaped candle in a glass holder. When the students were dismissed, the volunteers stayed behind for a Wine & Cheese Reception hosted by the I.H.M.S. staff.

All in all, the assembly went terrific, and I think we got the message out to the volunteers that we appreciate the time and effort they put into our school. We really hope all the volunteers felt our "Heartfelt Thanks"!