Ukrainian Concert 2003
By: Yari Kozel

On Thursday, March 27, the students of IHMS put on a spectacular Ukrainian concert based on the theme of the 12 months of the year. Each class portrayed an event in one of the months of the year.

The grade 8 class did the month of January in which they sang Christmas carols and did a dance. One member of the grade 8 class, Yari Kozel, and one member of the grade 7 class, Tasia Knysh, did the month of March in which Yari said a famous poem by Taras Shevchenko and Tasia recited a poem and decorated a picture of Taras.

The grade 7 class did the month of December. Their theme was "Welcoming St. Nicholas". Zevin Bulka was St. Nicholas. He recited a speech to the audience and then sat and watched the children do a Ukrainian dance. Oksana Marushchak, another student from the grade 7 class, did the month of February in which she told the biography of a famous Ukrainian poet named Lesia Ukrainka.

The grade 6 class did the month of July. The theme for this month was the Ivana Kuapala Festival. The kids recited poems and did a dance.

The grade 5 class did the month of April. Their theme was Easter. They had a dance and some of the children recited poems.

The grade 4 class did the month of May. Their theme was Mother's Day. They also did the month of August, based on the harvest time in Ukraine. The children did a little dance and sang a few songs.

The grade 3 class did the month of June. The themes for this month were "Green Holidays" and "Summer Songs". They sang a few songs and did a little dance.

The grade 2 class did the month of October. Their theme was "Mushroom Picking in the Woods". The children did a little dance.

The grade 1 class did the month of November, based on the theme "The Signs of Winter". The girls in the class did a dance in which they were snowflakes. The rest of the class recited poems.

The Kindergarten class did the month of September. Their theme was "Off To School". All the kids were students while one of them was the teacher. They recited some poems and sang some songs.

All in all, the entire concert was a great success, and the gym was filled to capacity. The night ended with a speech from Mr. Picklyk and from both of the Bishops in attendance.