Student Council Elections
By: Shantel Ryback

During the first week in September, posters filled the walls in the upper floor of the school.  What did all of these posters mean?  Student council elections of course!  Student council elections were held on September 6, 2002. During that week students running for president and vice president put up campaign posters.  They usually had a catchy saying to try to get people to vote for them.

It's not easy to become the school president or vice-president.  First, you have to be nominated in your classroom.  Then, you have to put up posters to try and get votes.  Next, you have to say a speech to the Grade 7 and 8's on why they should vote for you.  Most importantly, you need to have the most votes!

There were five students running for president and three students running for vice-president.  Running for president from the Grade 8 class were Ariadna Dlugosh, Tianna Mager, Kamal Gill, Tanya Basarab, and Adam Praznik.  Running for vice-president from the Grade 7 class were Kevin Kwasny, Nikki Bryk, and Robert Panufnik.  Even though they all wanted to win, only one person could be chosen from each grade. 

So for the 2002-2003 school year:

  • Our new president is Ariadna Dlugosh,
Ariadna Dlugosh - President
  • our new vice-president is Nikki Bryk
Nikki Bryk - Vice President

Congratulations to them both!


We also had yearbook elections on the same day.  The Grade 8 class voted for four yearbook people from Grade 8, and the Grade 7 class voted for one yearbook person from Grade 7.  Many students wanted to be on the yearbook committee, but there was only room for five people.  The yearbook people from Grade 8 are Brittany Bator, Angela Jones, Morgan Shipley, and Ivanna Lukie.  The yearbook person from Grade 7 is Emily Jones.

All of the candidates did a great job campaigning and saying their speeches. I'm sure we'll have a great yearbook and a super year with Ariadna and Nikki as our president and vice-president!