Annual Spring Cleanup
By: Christian Balagus-Warren

At I.H.M.S., it has become a tradition to clean the school grounds once a year. Everyone is asked to bring garden or rubber gloves, and each class is given an area to clean up. This year, the cleanup was on Friday, May 16. It was originally scheduled for the previous Friday, but was postponed because of rain. The clean up began at 2:30 pm, the last class of the day. The whole school came out, and everyone went to their given areas, and began gathering trash in bags.

Two grade 8 girls happily collecting litter

Each class was responsible for cleaning in the following areas:

  • K: the area where students line up after every recess.
  • 1: the area in front of the windows at the front of the school.
  • 2: the area inside the school yard inside the fence.
  • 3: the sidewalk on the opposite side of Flora Avenue.
  • 4: the grassed area of the playground.
  • 5: the sidewalk on the this side of Flora Avenue.
  • 6: the boulevard on McKenzie Avenue.
  • 7: the teacher's parking lot and the back lane.
  • 8: the park next to the school.

It's hard work, but when it's done, the school grounds always look much better than before. I hope the tradition continues for many years!