Science Day 2003

On Thursday, March 6, IHMS had a school wide "Science Day" where all the students participated in some type of hands on activity relating to their respective grade's science curriculum.

  • The Kindergarten's investigated colour, and combined primary colours.
  • The grade 1's designed an environment (habitat) that meets all the needs of a Manitoba animal.
  • The grade 2's designed and built different moving objects.
  • The grade 3's designed and built various structures and then tested them for strength.
  • The grade 4's investigated how light travels as well as the concept of reflective light.
  • The grade 5's made a castle with a drawbridge that can be raised or lowered with a pulley system.
  • The grade 6's built motorized robots and then tested their functionality.
  • The grade 7's designed and built a device out of a 2 liter plastic bottle to minimize heat transfer.
  • The grade 8's constructed a simple camera using a convex lens.