Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate Visit I.H.M.S.

IHMS was an exciting place to be on Friday, June 6, 2003! On that day, at 10:00 a.m., a delegation of Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate paid a visit to our school (note: IHMS is owned and operated by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate). The delegation visiting our school consisted of Sr. Janice Soluk, the order's Superior General, and the various Provincial Superiors and the General Council members from countries all around the world! They were on a mission, as a part of their 100th year Jubilee celebrations, to meet with other SSMI doing mission work across Canada.

The sisters were initially greeted by Mr. Picklyk and Sr. Anne, and then by the entire school body assembled in the gym. Mr. Picklyk acted as MC for the event, and kept things moving along on schedule. Sr. Anne officially greeted Sr. Janice, the Superior General of the SSMI, while Ariadna Dlugosh brought greetings on behalf of all the students of IHMS.

The sisters were entertained by traditional Ukrainian songs, sung either by the performing group, or by all the students. Danika and Hannah Picklyk performed a Bukovyna Dance, which was very well received by everyone!

One of the more unique items on the program was the greeting of the individual sisters. Although the sisters represented countries from all over the world, they were thrilled to be greeted in their native language by students at IHMS. The following list indicates the sister (and country of origin) and her student greeter (and language spoken):

Sr. Eufrosenia (Argentina)

Gabriella Teles (Spanish)

Sr. Julija Bojcuk (Serbia/Yugoslavia)

Ashley Medven (Croatian)

Sr. Ignacia Filakovska (Slovakia)

Lesyk Kouts (Ukrainian)

Sr. Sofia Lebedowicz (Poland)

Robert Panufnik (Polish)

Sr. Rosalia Parastchuk (Brazil)

Gabriella Teles (Portuguese)

Sr. Martha Kozak (Ukraine)

Orycia Karpa (Ukrainian)

Sr. Junia Kunanec (Canada)

Nikki Bryk (English)

Sr. Michelle Yakymovitch, absent (USA)    

Andrew Konolpelny (English)

Sr. Egidia Pastruch (Brazil)

Marta Benko (Ukrainian)

Sr. Regina Mitrova (Slovakia)

Olga Janiszewski (Ukrainian)

Sr. Christina Soyrotynsky (Canada)

Daria Betlej (English)

Sr. Lubov Starzhynsha (Ukraine)

Ivanna Lukie (Ukrainian)

Sr. Bernarda Ivankio (Brazil)

David Valeri (Italian)

Sr. Janice then spoke a few words to the students, and expressed her gratitude for the warm welcome. Sr. Janice, who is based in Rome, is the Superior General for SSMI. She was very impressed with our school! Mr. Picklyk and Mrs. Stanowych asked for a blessing of SSMI, and all the students sang the song "Myohaya Lita".

After a group picture was taken, the students were dismissed back to their classes. Although the sisters had an appointment for lunch at Holy Family Nursing Home at noon, they still had time to tour the school, visit the various classes, and presented a holy pin to each of the students. The children were excited to receive their memento, and the sisters left with many wonderful memories of their visit to IHMS!