Remembrance Day Service
By: Jordan Kasprick


On Friday November 8, 2002, the staff and students of I.H.M.S gathered in the school gym for a Remembrance Day service. Among other things, we learned what it's like to be in a war, and why it's important to wear a poppy on November 11.

One of the highlights of the service was a presentation by Corporal Kyzck, who talked to us about his recent journey to Afghanistan. It was very interesting. He told us about some of the missions and things he did in Afghanistan. He told us that war isn't fun, and that it isn't a game. We realized that we should be very happy that our soldiers were doing these things for us. When he was done telling everyone about his experiences in Afghanistan, we were able to ask him questions. Kids asked about some of his other missions, and whether he knew anyone who died. Students got to ask a lot of questions, and they were all very interesting.

After Corporal Kyzck finished his question and answer period, the performing group sang a song about Remembrance Day. The song was very touching and it was really good. Then our principal, Mr. Picklyk, asked us to observe a moment of silence to remember the people who lost their lives in all the previous wars. We also remembered the people who lost their lives on September 11, and those who lost their lives in Afghanistan trying to stop the war against terrorists. After the moment of silence and one more song, our Remembrance Day celebration at I.H.M.S. came to an end.