Oratorical Contest
By: Julia Genik

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Every year in May, grades 6-8 students at I.H.M.S. are given an assignment to prepare them for public speaking. They are asked to write and present a speech! Each class had a different topic:

  • the grade 6's wrote about their interests and activities.
  • the grade 7's wrote about their first year in junior high.
  • the grade 8's wrote about what they planned to do in the future.

Every student wrote and presented a speech to their own class. After hearing each student, the classroom teachers choose 6 semi finalists. These semi-finalists presented their speeches to judges, who narrowed the competition down to 3-finalists for each grade. The finalists from each grade were:

  • Grade 6:  Olga Petuch, Danika Semchyshyn, and Antin Stowell.
  • Grade 7:  Nikki Bryk, Frances Halas, and Emily Jones.
  • Grade 8:  Julia Genik, Kamal Gill, and Markian McColl.

On May 15th, the grade 5 to 8 classes were invited into the gym to listen to the 9 finalists. Also listening in on the speeches were Mr. Picklyk, the teachers, a few parents, and the 3 judges. The 3 judges were Mr. Fil, our custodian, Mrs. Pelleck, our substitute teacher, and Mrs. Stanowych, our music and Ukrainian teacher.

After 9 great speeches, much deliberation, and a short recess, three winners chosen. The judges based their decision mainly on expression and the natural ability to speak. The winners were:

  1. Kamal Gill  ($100 scholarship and a trophy)
  2. Nikki Bryk  ($75 scholarship)
  3. Emily Jones  ($50 scholarship).

These generous prizes were donated by the Fidelity Club.

Our school is proud of the courage displayed by everyone who participated, and grateful to everyone who helped or encouraged the speakers. So thank-you once again to everyone involved in the oratorical contest. We look forward to next year's event.