I.H.M.S. Open House
By: Nikki Bryk

At the beginning of each school year, teachers and parents get together for the annual IHMS open house.  This event gives the parents a chance to learn about the curriculum and expectations for the new school year from the teachers.

Mr. Picklyk opened the occasion with a greeting, a prayer, a few jokes and some announcements.  He introduced the teachers, the I.H.M.S. board members, the Parent's Guild, Student Council, and the Yearbook Committee.  Mrs. Kwasny (on behalf of the Parent's Guild), Ariadna Dlugosh (on behalf of the Student Council) and Ivanna Lukie (on behalf of the Yearbook Committee) also gave greetings.

Following the speeches everyone separated into the various classrooms for two 20 minute sessions.  There were also movies for the kids.  After two sessions, everyone returned to the gym for treats (provided by the grade three & four parents) and beverages.

Also, on sale that evening were the Entertainment books and our school yearbook, "The Magnificat".  This is a great night for finding out what this school year will be all about.