2002 Christian Service Project - "Koats for Kids"
By: Michael Krulitski

Every year at I.H.M.S., we do a Christian service project. This project is done for Advent, which is the forty day period before Christmas. In past years, we've collected toys or food, but this year we collected coats (in good condition) for kids without a coat.

After 2 weeks, the school population was able to collect at least forty coats and ski suits.

Along with these coats, each student at I.H.M.S. donated one dollar. With this dollar, parent volunteers bought material to make scarfs to go along with each coat. The "Koats for Kids" project was organized by the school's principal, Mr. Picklyk, and school's director, Sister Anne.

After two weeks of collecting coats and money, we were able to make a lot of less fortunate kids happy. The project was so successful that it might be done again in future years.