K-3 Field Day

The K-3 students had their annual field day in St. Vital Park on Tuesday, June 10th, 2003. Students and staff were transported to the park on two chartered buses for the event. The weather turned out to be perfect - warm and sunny!

The students were placed into assigned teams based on the color of their clothing. Everyone knew in advance what team they would be on, so they came to school wearing appropriately colored clothing.

The students played competitive games (such as "Snatch the Kobassa" or "Tug of War") as well as games that were just for fun (such as "The Parachute" or "The Minefield"). The teams rotated between a number of different game stations throughout the day.

The teacher supervisors were Sr. Anne, Miss Trach, Miss Lutyj, Mrs. Lukie, Mr. Dedio, Mr. Maguire, Miss Malawanag, Mrs. Stanowych, and Mr. Picklyk. Each teacher supervised a different station.

At lunch, students took a break and enjoyed a meal of hot dogs, juice, Freezies, and watermelon. The food was prepared and served by parent volunteers.

This year's field trip was a big success. The activities were a lot of fun, the weather was perfect, and everyone enjoyed the outing.