K-3 Christmas Concert
By: Alexa Palaschuk

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The Kindergarten to grade 3 concert, entitled "Three Wee Kings", was held on Wednesday December 18, 2002 in the I.H.M.S. gym. It was a smashing success!

The story involved three kings on a wonderful journey following a very bright star. This musical fantasy brings together all the human and animal characters from the Christmas story, plus a few new ones! On their way to meet the King at his palace, the "Three Wee Kings" invited animals, shepherds and angels join them on their journey. Each animal thinks that he or she could be the promised King.

The kings were played by grade 3 students - Nicholas Skromeda as King Mel, Michelle Betlej as King Thaz, and Danylo Anderson as King Cas. The rest of the grade three class played the Camels, Donkeys and Angels.

The grade two class played the Goats, Lambs and Shepherds.

The grade one class played the Stars.

The Lions were played by the adorable Kindergartens.

The masters of ceremonies were Ariadna Dlugosh and Nikki Bryk. They did an excellent job on introducing the play.

The first song, "Three Wee Kings" was sung by the Kindergarten to grade three choir. Then, the grade three boys sang "Camel's Lament". The Kindergarten's sang "Today the Jungle, Tomorrow the World". The grade one class sang "Carol of the Stars". The grade two girls sang "The Lamb From the Flock of David". The grade two class sang "A Good Kind Shepherd". The grade three girls sang "The Angel's Song". The K-3 choir sang, "This is the King of Kings" and "O Come, All Ye Faithful". The group carol was "Vo Vyflejemi".

This concert was a lot of fun. The children were enthusiastic and very energetic. It was put on beautifully. A special thank to the following people:

  • Parents, grandparents and teachers for helping with the costumes, make-up and hair.
  • Mr. Picklyk for managing and supervising the concert.
  • Mr. Fil for all the little things that needed to be done.
  • Mr. Dedio for managing the lights.
  • Lexie Dickson and Tianna Mager for managing the sound and music.
  • Mr. Dram and Tyler Horne for preparing and drawing the program.
  • The grade eight class for preparing, and organising the props.
  • Mr. Koreen for videotaping the concert.
  • Ariadna Dlugosh, Alexa Palaschuk, Morgan Shipley, and Dyanna Wowryk for managing back stage.