By: Jordan Bailey
"The Predators" - coached by Brittany Bator and Adam Praznik

This year for intramurals, the grades two to six students played various athletic games at lunch time. They played games such as indoor soccer, nukemball, hockey, basketball, indoor football, and handball. Behind all the work of these young kids were the coaches. These coaches were mainly volunteer coaches, who just wanted to help the kids have a more enjoyable time. Mr. Dedio also helped to organize the games, and the children all appreciate it!

"The Pirates" - coached by Morgan Shipley & Ariadna Dlugosh

Some of these games, such as nukemball, you might not understand. Well this odd game is basically just a throw and catch game of volleyball. It is allowed to bounce once, but if it bounces more than once, then play is stopped and the offensive team is awarded one point.

For the grades four to six intramurals, the teams were:

  • "The Lady Bugs" - coached by Lexie Dickson and Julia Genik.
  • "The Wolverines" - coached by Markian McColl and Ivanna Lukie.
  • "The Pirates" - coached by Morgan Shipley and Ariadna Dlugosh.
  • "The Predators" - coached by Brittany Bator and Adam Praznik, and
  • "The Piranhas" - coached by Shantel Ryback and Brittany Lasko.

For the grades two to three intramurals, the teams were

  • "The Typhoons" - coached by Marta Maszczak and Zevin Bulka.
  • "The Hurricanes" - coached by Kevin Kwasny and Daria Tkaczyk.
  • "The Avalanche" - coached by Nicole Trager and Tyler Horne.
  • "The Storm" - coached by Nicole Terziski and Natalka Galarnyk.
  • "The Tornadoes" - coached by Brittany Wowczuk and Robert Panufnik.
  • "The Blizzard" - coached by Sabrina Smaczylo and Andrew Wright.


"The Wolverines" - coached by Ivanna Lukie & Markian McColl

The point system goes like this. If your team loses, you get 1 point. If you manage to get a tie, you are awarded 3 points. If you pull off a win, you are awarded 5 big points. After every game these points are recorded in a book. At the end of the season, they are all added up. The team with the most points wins the intramural championship (which has yet to be determined)! So stay tuned!


"The Lady Bugs" - coached by Lexie Dickson and Julia Genik