I Love to Read Week
By: Heather Stephen
" The Amazing Reading Journey"

"I Love to Read Week" for 2003 took place from February 10-14. This year's theme was "The Amazing Reading Journey", and during the week there were periodic sessions of "Stop, Drop and Read."

On Monday morning, all the students and staff gathered in the gym for the "I Love to Read Week" assembly. It started out with the students and staff boarding an imaginary plane and taking off to a destination somewhere in the world. Some of the grade 8 students put on a little skit describing what would happen throughout the week. The girls pretended they were stewardesses, describing how the students should use the passports and how the week would unfold.

Grade 8 girls posing as flight attendants for "I Love to Read Week"

The grade 8 "flight attendants" explained that every time we hear the sound of an airplane taking off, we stop, drop, and read. We continue reading until we hear the airplane again. The teachers would then stamp the appropriate area on our Canadian Reading Passports, and give each student a different coloured suitcase for every destination. After entering our name, the place we visited, and the title of what we read, we would hang our suitcases outside the classroom for other classes to see.


Grade 8 girls explaining how the "Canadian Reading Passports" work

This is an example of one of the suitcases that the students filled out after each "Stop, Drop, and Read"

Everytime the jet plane sounded over the intercom, the students read and tried to visit a different place. The reading destinations were: Magazine Mountain, Riddle or Joke Jungle, Comic City, Recipe Resort, Instruction Manual Beach, Newspaper Island, Poem-Ville and Novel/Story Book Planet. At the end of the week, students collected their suitcases from the wall outside the classroom and took them home along with their passports.

Another activity that took place during the week was the grade 1 book exchange. The book exchange involved trading in an old, previously used book for a new one. A lot of children were able to get a new book to read.

In previous years we had other themes for "I Love to Read Week", but this was one of my favourites, and I think the other students thought so too! We hope everyone had a fun time and really got into reading!