Halloween at I.H.M.S.
By: Ivanna Lukie

Every year at I.H.M.S., the students celebrate Halloween by dressing up in a costume and parading throughout the school. Everyone then meets in the gym for a Halloween extravaganza put together by the student council. The student council consists of Ariadna Dlugosh (school president), Nikki Bryk (school vice-president), Brittany Bator, Morgan Shipley, Angela Jones, Emily Jones, and Ivanna Lukie (myself). We had a lot of fun deciding which activities to have in the extravaganza. We also enjoyed setting up activities such as "Bat the Ball with Brooms" to the tune of "Monster Mash".


Unfortunately, the student council members missed the Halloween parade in order to set up. The parade always begins in the Kindergarten class. The students form a line and parade through the grade one class while showing off their costumes. The grade ones then join the end of the line, and everyone continues on to the grade two class. This cycle is repeated throughout the entire school, thus creating a long line. We watched all the students enter the school gym, and couldn't believe how hilarious and incredible some of the costumes were! We saw hippies, cheerleaders, sports people, clowns, pop stars, and all kinds of animals file into the gymnasium.

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When everyone arrived in the gym, the Halloween extravaganza began! The student council organized interesting activities to entertain both the students and the parents! A few students from each grade were chosen for the different activities.

Extravaganza Activities

Activity #1: The Pumpkin Toss
This was for students in K-3. The objective was to throw little pumpkins into hoola-hoops on the ground.
Activity #2: Pop the Balloon Relay
This activity was for grades 4-8. It also included 3 parents and 3 teachers. The school loves watching teachers and parents embarrassing themselves, so this one was obviously hilarious! There were teams of three people per grade for this one. The first person would be blindfolded and given a broom. They had to run blind-folded (straddling a broom) to a pylon a few metres away. Then they ran back to pick up the second team member, who isn't blind-folded, as a guide. The same steps are repeated when the third person is picked up.
Activity #3: Gummy Worm Search
This activity was for grades 4-8. One student from each grade was blind-folded and told to search for at least four gummy worms in a bowl of whipped cream. This one, evidently, was the most entertaining.
Activity #4: Pass the Pumpkin
This was for grades K-8. One person from each grade was chosen. They sat on chairs, backwards in a circle, passing a pumpkin to music. It was played just like pass-the-potato, except with a Halloween twist. This was the most suspenseful activity since all grades participated. Age didn't matter either because a girl in Kindergarten won!


The Extravaganza was hard work to prepare, but was worth it. I'm sure all the students, parents, and teachers enjoyed it! The children had the chance to remain in their costumes all day long! Halloween was another exciting day at Immaculate Heart of Mary School!