Grade 5 and 6 Summer Camp
By: Tianna Mager

On the morning of May 26, 2003, the grade 5&6 students of Immaculate Heart of Mary School left for three days at Camp Arnes. After loading their luggage onto a chartered bus, they left the school around 8:30 a.m. It takes about an hour to get to Camp Arnes, which is located ten miles past Camp Morton, just outside of Gimili.

This tradition of going to Camp Arnes has been going on for a long time. Each year, 2 grades from IHMS visit Camp Arnes - either the 5&6's go to summer camp in May, or the 7&8's go to winter camp in January. In either case, the students come back with a wealth of new experiences and memories about outdoor education!

Upon arriving at Camp Arnes, students carried their luggage to their assigned cabins, and settled in. The boys shared one cabin, while the girls shared another. Each cabin had two separate rooms. Mrs.Wdowiak, Mrs. Wittevrongel, Mr. Maguire, and Mr. Lysack (a parent volunteer) were the student supervisors for the trip.

During their 3 days at camp, the children learned a lot and participated in a wide variety of activities, including horseback riding, swimming, archery, orienteering, "fire and bannock", "instincts for survival", and rock climbing.

One of the more popular activities was horseback riding. Students were shown how to groom a horse, and learned interesting facts about how to take care of them. After grooming, students were given the opportunity to ride their horse around the corral.

Another popular activity was archery. Students learned about the bow and arrow, and once they understood how it was used properly, were allowed to practice their shooting skills on the targets.

Each evening, the students were scheduled an hour or so of free time to swim in the camp's indoor pool.

The students also had the chance to participate in something called "fire and bannock". In this activity, they learned about the different types of wood, and what types to use to make a fire. Students got into groups and gathered sticks to make a fire. Once made, they cooked bannock over it. The bannock was then eaten with butter and cinnamon.

The students learned about survival in the game "instincts for survival". Everyone was either a herbivore, omnivore, or a carnivore. The teachers were either humans or diseases. The game was a lot of fun and educational for the students.

One of the more exciting activities at camp was rock climbing. The students were required to wear a harness and helmet before attempting to climb.

Meals were excellent, and everyone really enjoyed the food during their stay at camp! The students were served the usual breakfast, lunch and supper meals, along with an evening snack.

Camp ended on Wednesday, May 28, and everyone returned to I.H.M.S. in time for dismissal. Most students were sad to leave, but everyone had memories to last a lifetime!

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