Grade 4's Receive the "Good News Bible"
By: Luke Deptuch & Karissa Morwick

Every year in October, the grade 4 students receive a copy of the Good News Bible during the monthly school liturgy. Mrs. Halayda, the classroom teacher, prepared her class for the big event weeks in advance by teaching them a song called "Good News". She also taught them a bible passage from John 1:1-4. In addition, a few of the students practised reciting a list of things they are thankful for.

On Wednesday, October 30, the preparations came to an end. The grade 4 class lined up from tallest to shortest and walked out of the classroom. When you saw them walk to the cathedral, you knew they were ready! They did everything they were taught perfectly. After reading the letter from John 1:1-4, a few students went up and listed some of the things they were thankful for. The students then got their Good News Bibles from Metropolitan Michael and Father Athanasius as Mr. Picklyk called their names. The grade 4's thought their Good News Bibles were great.

After the liturgy, the class was happy and had a short recess. But soon it was back to work. The students got to take their bibles home that first weekend to show their parents. "Thank you to everyone for making our day special. We are now ready to go out and spread the good news."