Girl's Basketball 2003
By: Tania Basarab

This years tryouts for the "A" team were difficult and competitive. Thirty young women signed up but only eleven could be on the team. Those chosen were Ivanna Lukie (# 1), Dyanna Wowryk (# 4), Brittany Bator (# 10), Alexis Dickson (# 3), Tania Basarab (# 12), Nikki Bryk (# 11), Emily Jones (# 5), Brittany Lasko (#24), Tianna Mager (# 14), Sabrina Smaczylo (# 13), and Nicole Trager (# 22).

The girl's team started off their season by hosting a tournament at I.H.M.S. They placed second out of the four teams and played very well for their first games. The Spirit girls also took part in tournaments at Van Welengham and Laidlaw.

In the regular season, each team played eight other teams in the Catholic Schools League. The girls played St. Mary's Academy, St. John's Ravenscourt, St. John Brebeuf, Westgate, Linden Christian, Holy Ghost, St. Ignatius, and Holy Cross. The Spirit girls played extremely well and defeated all of these teams except for the St. Mary's Flames. This was a difficult match and it wasn't their best game. After this loss, the girls had many long hour practices to get back into shape because they knew they would play St. Mary's again. They also had many home games and were supported by a fabulous crowd lead by Sister Anne.

The end of the season found them in third place with a score of seven wins and one loss. They played St. Charles and beat them by doubling their score! The girls knew they could do it and were now prepared for the semi-finals game the next day against St. Mary's Academy. Although three players could not make it for various reasons, the girls played their best in this close game. The I.H.M.S. Spirits were in the lead for the first quarter and the score was always two or three points away for both teams. In the second half, Tianna Mager got fouled out of the game when she shouldn't have and everyone knew it. A few minutes later, Brittany Bator joined her on the bench and she was also very distraught about fouling out. This left the Spirits with six players: Dyanna, Nikki, Brittany Lasko, Ivanna, Alexis, and Tania. They were very tired but always kept the score close. Many shots by our girls were quick, deceptive, and a few were even lucky.

In the last few seconds of the game, the score was 22 to 19 for for St. Mary's. The girls did what they could, but were not successful in winning the game. Many people were angry, sad, or even sore from being pushed around. The I.H.M.S. girls knew they did their best, and some even left with smiles on their faces; others with tears in their eyes.