Christmas Gingerbread Houses
By: Olga Janiszewski & Danika Picklyk

On Thursday, December 12, the grade 4-6 classes went downstairs to the gym to make gingerbread houses. It was a non-uniform day (red and green day) and the whole school was wearing either red, or green, or a combination of both. There were a lot of parent volunteers helping us, and everyone was talking and excited about making gingerbread houses!

We used all sorts of candy to decorate the gingerbread houses, but mostly pretzels and Smarties. We used homemade icing to put the house together and to attach the candy. Everybody thought the gingerbread house would be much larger than they actually turned out.

After we were done, we were hungry and really wanted to eat them. At the end of the day we took them home and nibbled every piece that fell off. We had a fun day making ginger bread houses.

Scooping and applying homemade icing to hold the gingerbread houses together.

Some of the students proudly displaying their completed gingerbread houses.

Another table of completed gingerbread houses with their happy owners.