Family Day Picnic
By: Oksana Berezanski

Every year in May, I.H.M.S. parents join their kids for a fun filled event known as the Family Picnic. This year, the picnic took place on Thursday, May 22nd. As usual, it was held in the school playground from 3:15 until just past 5 o'clock.

The picnic featured a dunk tank. Our school principal, Mr. Picklyk, and a few parents met their doom in the dunk tank when they were plunged unexpectedly into a tank of cold water. Many children also lined up to get a turn on the giraffe bouncer.

Each year at the picnic, children receive a free bag of popcorn, compliments of the parent volunteers. This year, not only did we receive popcorn, but also a bag of pink and blue cotton candy.

The weather cooperated. The sun was shining brightly as we participated in the scheduled events. These events included candy scrambles for the younger children (kindergartners and preschoolers), and races for the older grades. The races for the older kids included running with a bean bag on your head, and hula hooping across the grassy area. There were 3 prizes awarded per grade. All of these fun activities were organised by our Phys. Ed teacher, Mr. Dedio.

The grade eight girls were helping out by giving face paintings. The most requested paintings were butterflies and rainbows. Sidewalk chalk was left on the pavement as another activity.

Parents enjoyed watching their children play with fellow students. Families enjoyed spending quality time with other families.

At 4:15 p.m., after Sister Anne led us in prayer, delicious hot dogs were available to anyone who was hungry. Parent volunteers and school staff had been barbecuing earlier to prepare the meal. The meal also included pasta salad, coleslaw, egg salad, and potato chips as a snack. After the meal, a dessert table was set up with mouth-watering cookies, cakes, Rice Crispy squares, and cool, refreshing watermelon . Coffee and orange juice were included in the meal for anyone who wanted.

The Family Picnic has been a favourite event for many years, and is something everyone looks forward to every year. It's a wonderful way for families to get to know each other better, and to share thoughts and ideas.