Chess Club Champion 2003
By: Travis Taylor

The I.H.M.S. chess club has been running for the past two and a half months, and tons of kids have been playing the game in their classrooms. The deadline for determining a class champion was March 3, and everyone worked hard to win as many games as possible. The top three players were:

  • Andrew Konopelny from Grade 4,
  • Martin Klimenko from grade 5, and
  • Travis Taylor from Grade 6.

On March 4, the three champs met in the computer room to get instructions on how to set up their games for the semi-finals. They would play each other 3 times to determine a third place winner, with the other two facing off in the finals for first and second place.

After many hard fought matches, Andrew and Martin both had a record of two wins and four losses. Travis already made it to the finals with a record of five wins and one loss. So it was up to the other two to have a tie breaker match to determine who would go on to battle Travis. It was a very close game, but Martin emerged the victor.

Travis - the Champ!

The final three games were between Martin and Travis. The first game was a teeter toter - one minute Martin had the upper hand, and the next minute Travis was dominating. But in the end, Travis won. The next match was crucial. A win for Martin would force a third and final game, and a win for Travis would give him the Championship. As the game began, nothing much happened. But within a few minutes, Martin had Travis down to just a king! Martin was unable to force a checkmate, so the game ended as a stalemate. They quickly started another match, which was close at first, but eventually won by Travis.

All in all, the playoffs were great games to watch and play. Every game was important, and the competitors demonstrated a lot of skill. Every game was tough, and players never knew what their opponent had up their sleeve. One moment you could be trying to get your opponent's king, and the next you could be trying to keep out of checkmate! The whole chess club was fun and even taught the three champions new moves. I'll be looking forward to it again next year!