Boy's Volleyball
By: Markian McColl

The boy's volleyball team this year was basically a training year for the younger players. Their record was 2-16, which means 2 wins and 16 losses. This year was intended to get the grade 6 kids on the team and the grade 7 kids prepared and ready for next year and its challenges. The team consisted of: Markian McColl, Yari Kozel, Luke Deptuch, Tyler Horne, Braden Ewchuk, Kevin Kwasny, Zevin Bulka, Andrew Wright, Nikola Terziski, Jay Korban, Kyle Landygo, Antin Stowell, Justin Lysack, Ryan Pitzel, John Ramos, Lesyk Kouts, Stefan Tkaczuk and Steven Spikula. This year's coaches were Nelson Nenka, Breanne Korban and Myroslav Terziski. This year's team went to the St. Paul's Volleyball tournament but didn't get into the finals. Although they didn't win this year, it was good preparation for the grade 6 and 7 boys for next year.

At the St. Paul's tournament, the IHMS boys played St. John Brebeuf and St. Emile. They lost both games. Unfortunately, in the playoffs, the boys also lost both of their games.

At the end of the season, all of the I.H.M.S. volleyball teams had a wind-up party of pizza and drinks, followed by a few volleyball games against the parents. Both girls teams did well, but lost one game each. The boys team did excellent and won all three times.

Although the year didn't go as planned, it was still a good way to prepare for next year. The 2002 boys volleyball team will never be forgotten because they tried and sometimes succeeded.