Boy's Basketball 2003
By: Adam Praznik

This year was a rebuilding year for the boys basketball program. After a strong 7-1 season last year, the team was a mediocre, sometimes terrible, 0-8 this year. Despite the struggles of the regular season, the team rebounded strong and played as a team in the playoffs. They completed a good playoff season by winning the Consolation side Championship.

The season started with a tournament at Sisler High School, where we suffered a loss to Van Walegham. We then beat Andrew Mynarsky, but lost again to Cecil Rhodes. During the season, we lost games to St. John's Ravenscourt, Holy Cross, Holy Ghost, Linden Christian, St. Emile, St. Alphonsus, St. Ignatius and St. Maurice. We played in two other tournaments at St. Gerard and Leila North. At St. Gerard, we lost to Linden Christian, tied St. Charles, and beat St. Gerard. At Leila North, we lost to Seven Oaks, we beat Happy Thought, and made it to the Consolation final, where we lost once again to Selkirk.

The season was very interesting. It was filled with turbulence, to say the least. After just two games into the season, Zevin B. left one of our practices with an undetermined health problem, and did not play again until the second last game of the regular season. And just a week before the playoffs began, Kyle L. fell ill with pneumonia, and missed the rest of the season. We also had many injuries, such as when Adam was head-butted in a game vs. Happy Thought School.

At the end of the regular season, we found ourselves sitting in twelfth (last) place at 0-8. We had to face the 5th ranked team, St. John Brebeuf. We played strong and came up just a little short. We moved on to the Consolation side where we first faced St. Maurice in our semi-final match. With only six players, we beat St. Maurice 42-27.

We then advanced to the Consolation final. We only had eight players, but we soon began to win. After leading by fourteen points at the end of the first half, we held strong until the fourth quarter, when three of our star players fouled-out early. The St. Ignatius team made a charge and tied the ball game. But with ten seconds to go in the game, Zevin B. was fouled while making a drive to the net. He was injured, but got back up and missed his first free throw. With the pressure on him, he made the second free throw, and gave us back the lead by one point. They quickly ran the ball down the court, missed their shot, but got the rebound. And just before the opposing player could shoot, the horn rang to end the game. He still shot and it went in, but we had already won the game.

The team consisted of many grade sixes this year. We had three grade eights, Yari K., Markian M.l and Adam P. From grade seven, the team added Kevin K., Zevin B., Braden E. and Tyler H. And from grade six, Antin S., Ryan P., Jay K., Kyle L., and Justin L. On the developmental team, we had Lesyk K., Darren S., Damon L., Stephen S., and Travis T. And once again, this year we were coached by Mr. Nick Knysh and Mr. Wes Stowell.