Bicycle Safety
By: John Paprocki

Every year at I.H.M.S., the grade 1 and 2 students participate in a bicycle safety course. Students are asked to bring their bike to school. If a student doesn't have a bike, they just walk through the course. The bicycle safety course lasts about an hour and a half, and is taught by the classroom teachers.

Before going outside, the teachers began their instruction in the gym so that everything was clearly stated. Each student knew exactly what was required in order to complete the course.

The first topic on the agenda was the proper way to check a bike before using it. Of course, a bike should never be used if it's unsafe. Students then checked to see if their bikes and helmets were the correct size.

Once the students were clear with this, the teachers showed them the correct way to stop and signal while on a bike. If the teachers saw that everyone was doing this correctly, they moved on to the next tutorial.


When the students were familiar with the rules of the road, they watched a safety video for tips. They saw how everything was supposed to be done, and prepared themselves for the next part of the course.

In the next tutorial, the students practiced what they learned - stopping and turning while on a bike. This was the time for the students to prepare for the last tutorial.

Finally, the teachers asked the students to maneuver through an obstacle course. Pylons were set up around the playground, and students rode their bikes around the pylons. The teachers remained available to guide each student through the whole course.

After all the instruction and practice were complete, the students were asked to put their bikes away and return to the gym. The teachers then congratulated the students for learning how to ride a bicycle safely.