Junior High Badminton Tournament
By: Emily Jones


This year the grade 7 and 8 students had the opportunity to try out for the I.H.M.S. badminton team. The kids had a choice of being on a singles team or a doubles team. The winning teams went on to represent our school in the Catholic School Division badminton tournament.

In tryouts, everyone learned the techniques needed to win a game of badminton. The players learned how to smash, hit low and long, hit high and short, and how to do a perfect drop shot! We also learned how to anticipate the type of hit that our opponent was going to use.

Anyone who wanted to be on the team had to pass their badminton gym test, which of course, everyone did! Then, each team got to play each other to decide who would make it onto the school team. They were all very close games, but only 2 teams from each grade made the school team.

The singles tournament, on May 10th, was held at Westgate School for the boys and Linden Christian School for the girls. The kids representing our school in the singles games were:

  • Andy Wright
  • Ashley Korchynski
  • Tania Basarab
  • Dyanna Wowryk.

No one won anything or got into the top 3, but everyone put out a very good effort and tried their best.

The doubles teams had their tournament the next day, on May 11th. This tournament was held at Linden Christian School for the girl's teams, and at Westgate School for the boy's teams. The teams that competed were:

  • Angela Jones & Morgan Shipley
  • Emily Jones & Nicole Trager
  • Ivanna Lukie & Brittany Bator
  • Tianna Mager & Lexie Dickson
  • Julia Genik & Kaleigh Humniski
  • Kevin Kwasney & Zevin Bulka
  • Andrew Ruday & Braden Ewchuk
  • Yari Kozel & Markian McColl
  • Adam Praznik & Michael Krulitski.

Nicole and Emily got 3rd place on the 'A' side, but lost the battle for 2nd place. Once again, everyone tried their hardest and gave a great effort in representing our school in badminton.

The badminton coaches this year were Mr. Dedio and Mr. Maguire. Thanks to them, this year's tournament was a success for all of the teams, and all of the kids excelled in the sport of badminton!

This year's badminton season was great. The players hope that it will be just as good next year, and that they will learn even more about the sport. They hope that they will have as much fun or even more fun then they did his year!