By: Marissa Daughney
"Jesus...Is the Greatest Gift of All"

This year, I.H.M.S. will be celebrating Advent with the theme of "gifts" - the gifts that God's son, Jesus Christ, has given us. Throughout the week, there will be gifts posted around the school, with one gift box for each grade. Each week the students will have to do a special deed in the topic of the gift of the week. When they perform this special deed, either to a classmate, friend, teacher, or parent, they write it or draw it on a piece of paper in the shape of a gift box. Each week has a different colour gift box, and they are posted in a large box outside each classroom. When the 6 weeks of Advent are over, students can travel throughout the halls to look at the deeds their fellow classmates have performed, and maybe get ideas for themsleves.

These will be our topics for the 6 weeks of Advent:
Week One: Faith
Week Two: Hope
Week Three: Love
Week Four: Peace
Week Five: Forgiveness
Week Six: Self Giving 

These topics will keep us busy throughout the 40 days before Christmas. We are also doing different projects to show our love. Every morning, instead of the usual "Our Father", we will say the the following "Advent Prayer":

Advent Prayer
Lord Jesus,
We ask You to visit our homes and our schools.
Bring your peace, joy, and friendship into our heart.
Grant us the desire to do good things for other people,
and to rid out hearts of all worries and selfishness
God, help us make progress in loving you and each other,
so that we can truly welcome your Son, the light of the world,
into our hearts

I.H.M.S. is also participating in a project called "Koats for Kids". We are asking students to bring in a winter coat they have either grown out of or don't use anymore. The coats will then go to children in need. Also everyone is asked to bring in a dollar for the purchase of strips of polar fleece. The fleece will be used to make scarfs to go with the jackets. 

We hope to have a wonderful 40 days/6 weeks participating in Advent activities at our school. We love to see everyone working together and showing their respect toward others and Jesus Christ. God bless and enjoy the weeks to come.