4-8 Christmas Concert
By: Brittany Bator

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The grades 4-8 Christmas concert was held on the evening of December 19, 2002. The students performed a wonderful concert for their family and friends. This year, the play was entitled " The Christmas Chronicles." It was about a few reporters looking for a new story for their newspaper.

Antin Stowell, as Scoop Early, had the job of finding an interesting story for the newspaper he worked for. Morgan Shipley also played a reporter looking for a story. Morgan's stage name was Sally O'Callahan, the preppie girl who always admiring herself in the mirror. Then there was Jordan Bailey as Rock Gibraltar, the sports reporter. And finally, Julia Genik played Mr. Weathers, the boss of the company.

The newspaper that Scoop and Sally were working for couldn't go on without a new story. They were about to be fired when Scoop brought up the amazing fact that Jesus, the son of God, had been born. This made the front page of "The Christmas Chronicles", and the paper was saved.

Mr. Picklyk said a few words after the show, and it was a great time to be had by all.

Special thanks to the musical director, Mrs. Stanowych, who prepared for weeks before putting on this wonderful play. Also thank-you to all the teachers, students, parents, and friends who helped out with the concert to make it all possible.

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