K-3 Students Celebrate 100 Day
By: Scott McKay

I.H.M.S. finally made it to one of the milestones of the year, the 100th day of school. Sure, some of us older students think that celebrating the one-hundredth day of school is a passe academic procedure. But, I've got to hand it to the K-3 students because they put some magic back in the year.

I remember walking down the hallway on the day of the event (February 7), and was a bit upset that the kindergarten and grade 3 classes were not celebrating. They were holding the event the following day because of a special visitor (His Beatitude Lubomyr). So there I was, walking down the hall when I see a grade 2 student coming towards me. He waved and smiled. I couldn't help but smile back. You see, it was a two second moment, but it was a magic moment, like that Perry Como song.

On that day, I saw the grade 1's creating necklaces from one hundred individual cereal pieces, and creative 100-day celebration hats from ordinary one-ply paper. They worked all day, and achieved victory.

At the same time, the grade 2's were also busy making celebration hats, and they even had time to write poems. My favourite activity were the pictures they drew. They drew pictures of what they would look like in one hundred years. I've got to tell you, it was a time when we all dropped bigotry and hatred, and worked together to celebrate a time where we could feel special about our school's milepost.

The following school day (Monday, February 10) was the date that the teachers had originally decided to celebrate the event, even though the actual 100th day of school was on Friday. The kindergarten and grade 3 classes were celebrating the event on that day because of the aforementioned visit by His Beatitude Lubomyr.

The kindergarten class started off with two activities. The first was a 100 day celebration crown, a trademark of the day. They also made cereal necklace similar to the type made by the grade 1's. The kindergarten class seemed to be having fun because they were all smiling and enjoying themselves.

The grade 3's also had a fun filled day, and did a few more activities than the younger grades. They played some dice games, wrote in a fun-filled booklet, and also made the famous crowns.

The celebration was a tremendous occasion where we all went home feeling happy, not only about ourselves, but for all the students who sacrificed their time to participate in such a special event.


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